Saturday, June 18, 2011

Desk re-do

Last month I started the project of refinishing a desk for my bedroom. I was lucky enough to grab this off the curb last fall on my street, and was excited to discover that while the finish was worn, the piece itself was high quality and sturdy. A stamp inside let me know that this desk is made by Vermont Tubbs, and a quick google search leads me to believe that what I got was their Woodstock line computer table, which retails for about $1500 with its matching desk chair.

The chair of course was not on the curb with the table, so either the previous owners bought this and kept the chair, or it was not sold as a set at the time.  There was minimal damage on the table, some cup rings and wear in the top of the table, and in the poly had yellowed quite a bit, so I was just not crazy about the finish.

This desk comes in handy for me both as a spot to put on my make-up in the morning (hence the mirrors) and a crafting/reading/studying area. But there were a few issues I wanted to address. 

1. Refinishing the desk to be more my taste
2. finding a better permanent (hidden!) home for my sewing machine
3. eliminating those storage boxes piled below the desk.

So a couple weekends ago, I took this piece outside to my back-alley "workshop" and got down to business.  I thoroughly sanded the top and then stained it in dark walnut stain, then finished it with paste wax. I gave the legs and apron a light sanding, 2 coats of white primer, and two coats of white semi gloss paint. I also changed out the drawer knob.

I really love how it came out. The white color on the base makes it take up less visual space, and the top has a lot of interesting color variation from the wood grain that really makes it unique.

Next I did some reorganization to solve the other issues I was having. My sewing machine (oddly enough) now lives with my dress pants, which had a drawer of their own in my dresser even though I only need a few pairs. Strange bedfellows, but it works for me!

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

I also moved those storage boxes to the corner of the room in between the desk and Zoot's cage. I am hoping to find a slim cabinet or drawer unit to use instead, but in the meantime, it's not too bad.

Also, did any of you catch the tiny glimpse of a new addition in my room in that first AFTER picture? 

I got myself an Eames style shell rocker recently. It's a knock off, but I love it.

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  1. Cute re-do!! Thanks for posting the link on the ol' blog!

    I'm in love with your Eames chair..who cares if it's a knock off...

  2. Love the makeover! I also like how you hid your sewing machine, I wish I had a place to store mine.

  3. Love the makeover and love the rocker. I have two Eames "knock-offs" in my dining room. But hey..who needs to know right :)

  4. Free is so great! Congrats on your find! It looks fantastic! Love the white legs with the stained top! Thanks for sharing!. I am your newest follower, Hope you can visit me sometime soon.