Friday, May 27, 2011

A Copy-cat Hack

Have you seen all the great two-toned Ikea Rast dressers that have been all over design blogs recently? The Ikea Rast, a little unfinished pine dresser that sells for only $29 (down from $39 last year), comes ready for staining/painting and creativity. Don't they just look so much more sophisticated with a bit of white paint and some dark stain?

My original idea for this project wasn't to just reproduce this two toned look, even though I liked it. A while back I bought this stencil  planning to use it to DIY some patterned curtains with paint. I ended up buying plain gray curtains instead, and liked their subtlety after I started adding more patterned and colorful elements into my living room. So the stencil sat in my room unused.

When I bought this little Rast dresser (off craigslist, and walked it home similarly to how I got my kitchenaid mixer recently) I was planning to stain the outside a rich deep walnut or esspresso color, and paint the drawers with a white background, and then a paint on the pattern from my stencil in a contrasting color.

yes, I was bad and did the staining in my kitchen- it was raining out... the time I had painted the drawers white and stained the exterior, I had fallen in love with the simple modern look of the piece too much to justify changing it. So I guess once again, I will have to save my stencil for another project.

I'm sure I'll think of something. :)

I love my cute little two toned dresser. I don't love my ugly white AC window unit, but seeing as it has already passed 80 degrees here in Boston this spring, I won't be complaining about that.


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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Keep going, I'm loving to read it changing and changing!