Friday, May 25, 2012

Portland for 48 hours

I recently spent 2 days in Portland, Oregon. I had mentioned on this blog before that I was considering moving out there, maybe next year.

I loved my time there, and left wanting to move RIGHT. NOW.

So I am going to. Well, at the end of the summer- gonna enjoy my summer in Boston!

Probably the thing that stood out the most about my short experience in Portland was the food! My cousin Art saw to it that I tried all the must-haves in the city, from bacon-maple donuts at Voodoo, to surprisingly savory ice creams at Salt & Straw, to a sampling from the rows and rows of food trucks downtown.

We also drank beer at a few local breweries, including Rogue, whose beer I have seen available in Boston on occasion.

One night I was even taken out to a 6 course meal at a restaurant called Beast. There were only 2 tables, which each sat about 10 people- you sit down family style with any other guests, and are served 6 courses of the chefs creation- no menu items to choose from, no substitutions. We also had a flight of wine paired with the courses. What fun!

I took a few pictures from that night, and some others during my short visit.

Beer samplers at Rogue Brewery
Employees at Beast plate the first two courses of a six course meal

Course #2 at Beast, which included steak tar tar, quail egg, and several different pates.

 Jenny, Art and myself enjoying our first course at Beast

I spent a lot of time outdoors

There were waterfalls. What a pretty part of the world!

I'm excited to live there in only 3 months.

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