Sunday, July 17, 2011

What have I been doing?

It's been awhile since I've posted! Here's a taste of what I've been up to in my blog-cation:

Classes-- One summer class wrapped up last week, the next starts tomorrow. These 6 week long condensed courses take a lot out of me! Also, notice that school work all over my newly refinished desk makes it look a bit less pretty. Boo.

Laying in front of fans- on those hottest, most humid days, I was really wishing I had AC. But at least I have a window fan. Fun fact, did you know that the person who invented the first electric fan was born in my own home state of Massachusetts? His name was Schuyler Wheeler, and he was only 22 when he invented it.

Cooking things that are delicious but not so photogenic, like this rhubarb chicken:

Helping my sister paint her new condo. And using "sisterly persuasion" to get her to make daring choices with paint colors. And bragging about my edging skills.

Organizing and purging in each room of my apartment. And taking several trips to goodwill to make donations (on foot, hence the several trips.) And contacting friends who may have a need (or want) for the items I no longer had a need for. Oh, and repeatedly stepping around a remaining pile of "donate, sell or give away" items in my foyer.

Buying sweet things off of Etsy. And then taking dorky myspace-style in the mirror appreciation photos, like this one I sent to the maker/seller of a bamboo jersey dress I just bought:

And fixing up my foyer. More on that soon! Here's a sneak peak that also shows off another etsy purchase:


  1. I hope there will be an "after" picture of the condo. That muted purple looks really sad. Also, Abby, if you're reading this: why am I first hearing about your new condo on your sister's blog?! :)

  2. Andy,

    the picture doesn't do the purple justice, it's quite dark and rich but does have gray undertones, so kind of smoky. i am disappointed that none of the pictures captured it quite right!

  3. Oh no, I got it wrong! You weren't adding primer to the purple, you were adding purple to the primer! Yeah, it's funny with paint and lighting and photos of wet/dry paint... I'm sure it looks different when you're actually standing in the room. Definitely post an "after" picture soon!