Monday, January 31, 2011

Picking some art for the kitchen

So yes, I painted the kitchen and I love it. Now I am checking out Etsy for fun prints that will be unique and really pop on this wall:

so that you can see it better, this is the pattern on the curtains:

Ok, so these are some prints I am considering, in any case I would frame them with a mat so they are large enough to really make a statement on that wall, and depending how busy/colorful the print is i might frame them in a frame spray painted a fun color, or just white or black.

I am not sure I have found THE thing yet, but here are a few I am considering, let me know if you have an opinion or any ideas!(click the pictures to see the etsy posts)

Or else possibly one of the ORK boston typographic maps, maybe the red one?

I have to discuss with my roommates, and also I want to make sure only to pick something that I really love, so I know I can bring it with me to my next place and be happy with it.

 EDIT: We ended up going with the first one, you can see it here. The decision was so hard, I really love them all. But in the end, the color, and the fact that we all drink a ton of tea tipped the balance. I also love that Swedish mid century ceramic style, I always wish to run into some at a thrift luck on that yet!


  1. You just HAVE to submit your flat to a design/home magazine, you're incredible, other people need to realize this and hire you. Seriously, your blog just makes my jaw drop.

    Do your flatmates mind though? I mean I'd LOVE if you could make my place look like that, but is it ever like, "Oh god, Hannah's painting AGAIN."

    I love those curtains, they're adorable!

    As for the prints, I'm undecided, I will get back to you with my final vote. Thanks for the link to other site, I might buy myself a Brooklyn one, ha ha!


  2. I like the "hey good lookin" one... but again, they're all really good. The eggs are my second choice I think. This was hard!


  3. @ Brooklyn- buying one of the ork posters for yourself is a great idea! (or better yet, I could buy you one for your birthday)

    Also, about my roommates, mostly they seem good-natured about it, I think they do usually like the changes that I make, but I bet it gets annoying sometimes, to come home and find things different than when you left them. I think so far they just seem amused though, noticing what things have changed by the end of any given weekend. If I someday live alone I will of course have some more freedom to do whatever I want with the space, but so far I couldn't ask for better, more tolerant roommates when it comes to my little redecorating addiction...