Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A few small projects in the bedroom

I did a couple quick projects in my room this past weekend, some simple things to help me feel organized. First, I made some changes to my ikea Aneboda wardrobe. You know the kind, with the corrugated plastic that is translucent, so you can see whatever mess the thing is meant to hide. I used a roll of soft blue contact paper, and some decorative drawer pulls to change its appearance a bit. I am still debating adding some decorative moulding around the crown to give it a more feminine look that matches better with the pulls. I also have a second more modern pair of pulls I may use instead. I am going to give it time.

Before: (ikea stock photo)
(poorly lit bedroom photo...does that red suitcase peeking out bother you as much as it does me?)
I also made the insides of the doors into functional space. I adhered cork board to the inside of the left door, and a jewlery organizer on the other side. The jewelery holder has clear compartments just the right size for storing hair clips and elastics and earrings and things, many of which had previously lived jumbled in a bowl on my bookshelf. The organizer will have to be cut down a bit and re-hemmed eventually, as it is a tad bigger than the door.

Clearly I am going to need to replace this with a better picture, but in the meantime, admire my tiny but efficient "only closet space in the room":

Yep, that's all the closet space I have...that's where my work clothes, a dozen pairs of shoes, and also all my linens live (see them jammed up at the top? guess I will be refolding and organizing everything one of these nights before retaking this picture). 

Another small project I did was replacing the decorative paper on my night stand. Over a year ago I rescued that night stand from the sidewalk, cleaned it for ages (the thing was so dirty...) and then bought some decorative paper over at Papersource and a little spray adhesive. i also went to the hardware store and had a piece of thick tempered glass cut to fit the top. well, after a year of wear, the thing was needing a bit of attention. I reapplied the paper, and sealed it with some Elmer's glue and water (classic decoupage) and then put a coat of clear spray polyurethane on top of that for extra longevity.

Even more daunting of a project was clearing out the drawer, which had become a catch all for everything. Most stuff ended up in the trash, and once I was down to only essentials I lined the drawer with some of the pretty blue contact paper left over from the wardrobe project above, and organized my remaining must-haves in a sectioned jewelery tray from Marshalls.

I also recently bought the pretty silver tray on top from a thrift store. I polished it  (with vinegar!) back to its former glory. Now it makes a perfect landing place for my glasses, hair pins and rings when I go to bed.

And finally, a view of the room with both items and their new-found organizational glory:

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