Monday, October 11, 2010

October DIY projects

I recently found these curtains in the clearance section at Marshalls. Having recently bought some fabric for a few different projects, I was surprised to notice that at their clearance price they were cheap enough that even just buying the fabric to sew them from scratch would have been more expensive. They were the wrong size, but both the color and the price were right.

 All it took to make them perfect for the space was adding a little extra fabric in a contrasting color to the bottom. I used two oversized dish towels which I already had on hand.

Project $$ breakdown:
2 curtain panels, $14
2 dish towels, on hand
total cost: $14

Another quick project I did recently was spray painting my homemade cake stands. a coat each of spray primer and paint brought them from this:

 To this:

This afternoon, after returning from a weekend in the new york, having noticed the full bloom of colorful fall leaves along the drive, I was feeling particularly aware of the season. I carved a pumpkin to celebrate!
Happy October, everyone!

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