Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new day, a new blog?

Last night, after indulging in my impulsive urge to cook a nice dinner on a rainy Monday night, I sat in my kitchen drinking a glass of (cheap) wine with 2 of my roommates, our bellies filled with the outcome of my night's endeavor (steak with a sweet red wine shallot sauce, balsamic roasted cauliflower and peppery arugula salad- post soon to come!). I mused on my desire to be as cool as all those food bloggers whose pages I follow daily. Oh, how I wish I was! I would love to post my variations on recipes, complete with witty commentary about my cooking process, and gorgeous photos that make a person want to run out to the grocery store RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT because they MUST make that winter squash. Unfortunately, I know very little about cooking. Until 2 years ago I had done almost no cooking, and felt very little interest in it. I had picky tastes and a number of food restrictions (couldn't stand seafood, couldn't eat dairy products...) and while I wanted to consider myself a foodie, and a good at home cook, the truth was my best dishes started out frozen in plastic packaging from Trader Joe's.

So, this is my mission: I will be just as cool as those witty, thoughtful and tasteful food bloggers I follow, because I will start my own food blog. Practice makes perfect, right? So what better way to get there than to dive right in and start practicing? I am planning to make a nice (blog-worthy) meal once a week to share with friends (hint to local friends- call me if you want in) and document the process and outcome. As I am also growing more interested in baking, I will aim to produce one baked good a week to blog as well.

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  1. I'll be here to cheer you on! I'm always needing new ideas. And even if it's something i don't eat, it's still yummy to read about! :)